Closed Cavity Façades

Closed Cavity Façade is a double skin façade where the cavity between the inner and the outer skin is completely sealed. Dry and clean air is constantly fed into the façade cavity in order to prevent the formation of condensation on the glazing. Outside conditions are constantly monitored electronically and the quantity of dry air is adjusted accordingly. As a result, energy consumption is reduced to a minimum.


Main Selling Points

  • Simple and efficient

The idea of the Closed Cavity Façade is simple: a closed double skin façade that improves transparency, energy efficiency and cost efficiency. The CCF-Façade is an energy saving façade.

  • Highly transparent glazing

The unique transparency of this type of façades is achieved
through the use of daylight-optimized glass without dark solar control coatings.

  • Highly efficient sun protection

The sealed façade cavity allows the use of highly efficient sun protection systems including control systems or light guidance and retro-reflection. The reflective surfaces of the solar control systems remain effective in the long-term.

  • Higher thermal and sound insulation

The CCF-Façade provides excellent thermal protection during winter and summer. Together with highly transparent glazing and good climate control, CCF-Façades meet even the highest comfort requirements.

  • Less time, effort and money for maintenance and repair

All control components are designed maintenance-free. As the façade cavity is protected from contamination, there is no need for cleaning.



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