Integrated Steel Façades

The integrated façade was patented by Josef Gartner GmbH in 1968. We allowed ourselves to be inspired by Mies van der Rohe’s credo “less is more” and developed the “integrated façade”. Besides its main purpose to support the glass, the framework is flown by water and serves as heating and cooling surface. Radiators and, to some extent, air conditioning systems can become redundant.


Main objectives of integrated façades:

  • Create a high level of comfort even close to the glass surface
  • More efficient use of space
  • Prevent cold air dropping from high glass walls (halls, atria, gallerias etc.)
  • Prevent condensation at glass roofs and domes or at areas with high humidity (e.g. swimming pools, botanical gardens)
  • Contributes to high hygienic standards of e.g. hospitals
  • Save natural resources by reducing energy consumption

These goals are achieved by:

  • Fully unitized, prefabricated and tested curtain wall panels
  • Closed water circulation systems with mechanic or electronic valves  
  • High performance thermal break between inner and outer frame extrusion
  • Working mainly as a radiator the warm water supply temperature is 40 to 50 degrees Celsius only

GARTNER has completed more than 500 integrated façades. We have installed complex envelopes for e.g. the BMW Welt in Munich and the EMPAC in Troy, NY. 

We are pleased to share our expertise with architects and planners during a timely integrated planning process. It is our challenge to find custom oriented solutions while considering all aspects of the individual project.



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