Steel Roofs

The desire for maximum transparency of roof constructions (e.g. for airports, exhibition halls, convention centers, museums) is largely satisfied by steel-glass structures.


In this type of construction, the load bearing structures are lightweight, slender geometrical forms with good load characteristics.

Precisely fabricated steel components (standard or customized profiles in mild steel or stainless steel) allow for direct fixing of the glass units to the steel structure avoiding secondary aluminum frameworks.


Excellent visual lightness is the result of this design concept and optimized material usage.


Roof structures are determined by the roof geometry and the stresses resulting from wind, snow, self weight and in some cases traffic load.


Various structural systems as e.g. shell-type structures, membranes or mesh nets can be used.


Additional features and requirements for steel roofs are:

  •  Fixed or adjustable exterior and interior solar control systems (e.g. brise-soleils, fabric screens)
  • Various in-house developed operable windows or flaps for natural ventilation, manually operated or motorized
  • Bomb blast, burglary resistant and bullet proof solutions
  • Integration of electric cabling or sprinkler systems
  • Integration of heating and cooling (refer to GARTNER Integrated Steel Façade)


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