At its headquarters in Germany Gartner designs and manufactures mainly custom-made envelopes in aluminum and steel. Next to curtain walls Gartner also offers the engineering, supply and installation of interiors systems. 


Today Gartner comprises more than 1,300 employees in the HQ in Germany and in the main subsidiaries in UK, Switzerland, USA, Russian Federation and Hong Kong. From 2001, Gartner is part of Permasteelisa Group, the largest international curtain wall manufacturer worldwide.


Our in-house services comprise early consulting & planning, technical research & development, design & engineering, project management, performance testing, aluminum and steel production, logistics, installation and after sales service.


Today, building envelopes are conceived and designed to meet the highest architectural demands, yet at the same time to be energy efficient.  End users expect highest comfort levels and optimum internal environments, tenants low operating and maintenance costs, and clients a dependable and first class provider for their building façades.


As part of Permasteelisa Group, we are meeting these challenges internationally. Thus, we have developed and built energy-saving and low maintenance façades, such as the Closed Cavity Façade (CCF). In order to fulfil new architectural ambitions, we use new and innovative materials such as glass-fibre reinforced polymers (GRP) for free-form geometries and define specific glazing properties to achieve special effects as well as the most efficient use of daylight. For the refurbishment of buildings, predominantly driven by criteria of energy efficiency, we renew façades that may have been completed only a few decades ago, reflecting the considerable advances façade technology has made until now.


With our focus on continuous improvement of project planning and implementation, we have made those sectors of our operations safer and more reliable. In short, Gartner not only regularly review and renew its façade products, but also itself as an organisation.