Aluminum Double Skin Façades

Main objectives of double skin façades:

  • Create a natural internal climate with the highest possible visual and thermal comfort
  • Meet people’s ecological awareness by linking them stronger to nature
  • Save natural resources by reducing energy consumption and provide new cost saving potential by reducing operational costs

These goals are achieved by:

  • Natural ventilation through operable windows at the inner skin even for high rise buildings
  • An air corridor situated between inner and outer skin to provide permanent or controlled ventilation
  • Reducing the need for artificial air conditioning
  • Venetian blinds integrated into the air corridor, protected from wind, weathering and air pollution
  • Using daylight to reduce the need of artificial lighting
  • Using direct solar radiation to reduce the need for heating
  • Low g-values
  • High sound reduction

We differentiate between:

  • Deep or narrow double skin façades
  • Double skin façades with or without corridor ventilation (refer to the Closed Cavity Façade as separate product)
  • Double skin façades with permanent or controlled corridor ventilation
  • Double skin façades with or without operable windows for ventilation


Double skin concepts for each project are characterized by their individual requirements. We recommend early, thorough and integrated investigation in order to define the most effective construction principle. We are prepared to share our expertise with architects and planners during this process.



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