Structural & Safety

Sustainability of buildings extends beyond environmental challenges but also structural and safety issues. For a building to be sustainable it must not only be energy efficient and have minimal environmental impact but provide both safety and security for building occupants. 


In this respect, research is being carried out in the fields of:


- blast enhancement

- impact protection

- seismic performance

- intrusion & forced entry

- fire resistance

- ballistic projectile resistance 


Research has focused on providing technology that can be extended and applied to various project standards and specifications, not simply one-off ad-hoc products. This technology includes patented system design not only tested & certified through actual field trials but also enabling benchmarking and validation of unique proprietary developed advanced software tools.


Research is also carried out to develop structural systems that optimize the use of façade materials and systems.  Material life cycle research enables ease of replacement of individual components as they near the end of the design life without the need to replace the overall façade. Structural optimization techniques and software reduce unnecessary material wastage.


Permasteelisa has led the industry in the development of free and fluid form structures with the successful completion of numerous prestigious projects. The unique form and complexity of such structures has led to the development of proprietary surface rationalization and optimization software as well as research into the unique properties and limitations of cold formed materials such as glazing, metals and composites.


Further research is being carried out investigating the use and application of alternative industry technologies through the use of polymers and composites and the use of adhesives and bonding technologies.