Information on general use and data protection

1.  Provision of general data and information


Josef Gartner GmbH makes every effort to ensure that the information and data contained on this website is correct. However, we can accept no liability or guarantee that the information and data provided is up-to-date, correct and complete. This also applies for all other websites referred to by means of a hyperlink. Josef Gartner GmbH is not responsible for the contents of such websites reached by means of such a link. Josef Gartner GmbH reserves the right to modify or supplement the information or data provided without prior notice.


2.  Contractual relations


The Josef Gartner GmbH websites contain co-operations with different service providers. Josef Gartner GmbH enables users of its websites to access the offer pages of partner enterprises. Users of Josef Gartner GmbH websites enter into a contractual relationship with the respective service provider through the use of their services. The corresponding terms and conditions of this service provider are then applicable. The legal and textual responsibility for the services offered on the offer pages of the partner enterprises is solely with the respective partner enterprise whose website can be called via the websites. If the services of a service provider are used, contractual relationships arise exclusively with the respective partner enterprises and the user according to the terms applicable for this contractual relationship.


3.  Liability


Josef Gartner GmbH cannot be held liable for the actions of partner enterprises. Josef Gartner GmbH assumes no liability for the availability or freedom from troubles of the services offered under, nor does Josef Gartner GmbH assume any responsibility or liability that the services offered by one of the partner enterprises under complies with statutory regulations.


Josef Gartner GmbH can only be held liable - on whatever legal grounds, including forbidden actions -,


- if  Josef Gartner GmbH, its organs or executive staff cause a damage through gross negligence or with intent or culpably violate an obligation that is essential to the con-tract (cardinal obligation) in manner that endangers the purpose of the contract,




- if other persons employed in performing an obligation of Josef Gartner GmbH who are not organs or executive violate an obligation that is essential to the contract (cardinal obligation) in a manner that endangers the purpose of the contract through gross negligence or with intent.


If organs or executive staff of Josef Gartner GmbH do not violate a cardinal obligation through gross negligence or with intent, Josef Gartner GmbH's liability is restricted to such typical damage that was reasonably foreseeable on conclusion of the contract. This limitation of liability also applies for the extent of damage.


The liability of Josef Gartner GmbH according to mandatory statutory regulations remains unaffected by the foregoing limitation of liability. Any further liability on the part of Josef Gartner GmbH is excluded.


4.  Copyright


The content of the Josef Gartner GmbH websites is copyright protected. The copying of information or data, particularly the use of texts, parts of texts or pictorial material, requires the prior consent of Josef Gartner GmbH.


5.  Applicable law


All information or data, its use and the log-in into the Josef Gartner GmbH websites as well as all actions, tolerations or omissions associated with Josef Gartner websites are subject to the German law. The place of jurisdiction is Gundelfingen.


Data Protection


Josef Gartner on the topic of data protection

We are very concerned about the safety of personal data such as name, address, phone number or e-mail. Our web activities are thus governed by the laws on data protection and data security. In the following we will explain just what information we collect if necessary and how we handle this.


Personal data

In principle, the protection of your personal data takes top priority for Josef Gartner GmbH. This is why we do not collect any personal data through our website without your consent. You alone decide whether you want to give us this data or not, for example during registration, in a survey, etc..  

We generally use your personal data to answer your enquiry, process your order or give you access to special information or offers. In the interests of customer relations, it may furthermore be necessary to save and edit your personal data and, e.g., pass it on to our group companies to better deal with your wishes or improve our products and services. We (or third parties on our behalf) may also use this data to inform you of Josef Gartner GmbH offers which may be useful for your business, or to carry out online surveys through which we can better meet your requirements. Data that is not needed will be deleted immediately.

Naturally, we will also respect your wish not to use your personal data to assist our customer relations - particularly for direct marketing or market research. We will neither sell your personal data to third parties nor distribute this in any other manner.


Non-personal data

When you access our websites, information is occasionally collected automatically (i.e. not through a registration), whereby this information cannot be assigned to a specific person (e.g. internet browser and operating system used; domain name of the website from where you arrived; number of visits, average dwell time, pages called up). We and our group companies use this information to determine the attractiveness of our websites and improve their contents.


"Cookies" - information that is automatically stored on your computer

Cookies are small files that a website transfers to a site visitor’s hard disk. Such data may be automatically saved on visitor’s hard disk in order to track web site usage.

Session Cookies (i.e. temporary cookies that are deleted as soon as you end the browser session) are used only to optimise the performances of the website and therefore ensure the best browsing experience.

The links on our website may lead to other sites containing tracking systems of which our website holder is not aware. Josef Gartner GmbH declines any liability for any use of the data resulting from the browsing of linked websites.

Analytical cookies are used to collect information on the use of the site. Josef Gartner GmbH uses this information for statistical analysis, to improve the site and ease of use. This type of cookie collects in an aggregate form anonymous information about the number of users and how they visit the site and the pages visited and are used in aggregate mode. Google’s ability to use and share information collected by Google Analytics about your visits to this site is restricted by the Google Analytics Terms of Use. You may refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser, however please note that if you do this you may not be able to use the full functionality of this website. 



Josef Gartner GmbH takes precautions to ensure the safety of your personal data. Your data will be conscientiously protected against loss, destruction, falsification, manipulation and unauthorized access or unauthorized disclosure.


Links to other websites

Josef Gartner GmbH websites contain links to other websites. Josef Gartner GmbH is not responsible for the data protection strategy or the contents of these other websites.


Questions and comments

If you have any questions or comments on data protection as practised by Josef Gartner GmbH please contact us ( The further development of the internet will also affect our data protection strategy. Alterations will be announced in this page in due time.

Josef Gartner GmbH, Gundelfingen, 2012


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