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Press Releases

D3-Façade (Dual, Dynamic Durable Façade): Novel Façade Type for Sustainable Buildings

Three-Layer Façade with Two Closed Cavities

GUNDELFINGEN, OKTOBER 2014. During the Glass Technology Live in Düsseldorf the worldwide leading façade manufacturers Permasteelisa, Scheldebouw and Gartner presented their new façade type for sustainable buildings. The D3-façade is a three-layer façade with two completely closed cavities. Instead of insulated glass, the D3-façade is composed of three coated single glass panes optionally combined with low-iron glazing for maximum transparency.

Each of the two façade cavities of the exhibit on the GTL in Hall 11 is equipped with a highly efficient solar shading system with aluminium and wooden louvres.

A special feature are the two motor-operated blinds and the possibility of using a variety of materials offering dynamically changing visual appearances. This offers a broader scope for the architectural façade design and will open up entirely new creative possibilities for architects. As the closed façade cavities are protected against weathering and do not soil, highly efficient systems for solar and glare shading and daylight control can be utilised. The two closed façade cavities are continuously supplied with purified and dried air to avoid condensation at changing temperatures. The dried air is generated by one or more central dry air stations. The external climate is continuously checked by an electronic control unit and the quantity of dried air is adjusted accordingly. Therefore the energy consumption can be reduced to a minimum. The proven principle is equivalent to a Closed-Cavity-Façade (CCF)
with a closed façade cavity.

The term "D3" at this innovative façade type stands for Dual, Dynamic, Durable Façade. This type of façade further improves the transparency and the heat, solar and sound protection. As it even extends the life time of a façade and reduces the maintenance costs, the D3-façade is especially suitable for Green Buildings.

The prototype of the sustainable façade shown at the GTL yields a solar heat gain coefficient SHSC of 0.08 during summer and of 0.57 during winter, a U-value of 0.62 W/m²K during night and of 0.83 W/m²K during day time, a sound reduction of 55 dB and a light transmittance of 65 % under diffuse light conditions.

More detailed information:

Klaus Lother, General Manager, Josef Gartner
GmbH and Regional Leader Permasteelisa
Group Europe / Middle East / Africa, Gartnerstr. 20,
89423 Gundelfingen, Tel.: 090 73/84-0, Fax: 090 73/84-21 00







Dr. Jochen Mignat, Dr. Mignat PR, Am
Hexenpfad 11, 63450 Hanau, Tel. 06181-507 91-0, Fax 06181-507 91-11,



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