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Press Releases

Sustainable façades with good views

New Markets from Russia to Chile / New commissions from the Roche high-rise in Basel to the World Trade Center in New York /

Gundelfingen, 5th October 2012. This year, the Josef Gartner GmbH was able to gain numerous façade commissions for architectonically outstanding buildings. These include the 250 metre high Evolution Tower in Moscow, the 178 metre high Roche high-rise in Basel, as the highest building in Switzerland, and the World Trade Center in New York with an explosion-resistant façade. But the company also worked on large-scale projects such as the train station West Knowloon in Hong Kong, with a façade area of approximately 64,000 square metres, and the four high-rises with block development in the new financial district of Saudi-Arabian Riad, with a façade area of, in total, approximately 130,000 square metres.


"Our order backlog exceeds our annual turnover, meaning that we are a well-utilised company. Approximately half of the current commissions are located in German-speaking countries; the rest come from other markets in Europe, Asia, America and the Middle East. We were also able to open up new markets in Russia, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and Chile. Sustainable façades such as our Closed Cavity façade (CCF), and complex façades for large-scale projects are in particularly high demand”, explained Klaus Lother, Managing Director of the Josef Gartner GmbH.


In Switzerland, Gartner has over the past two years cladded several office buildings and high-rises with the newly-developed Closed Cavity façade (CCF), a particularly energy-efficient, enclosed double skin façade. For the construction of 1 Roche in Basel, a terraced structure office building designed by the Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron, Gartner received the commission for a CCF with an area of 33,200 square metres, which should accord with the highest sustainability standards. The 178 metre high high-rise is intended to become the new landmark for Basel. For the Löwenbräu-Areal in Zurich, Gartner created façades with an area of 13,500 square metres, including the newly-developed tilt-lift windows.


In Moscow, Gartner is to mount a 40,000 square metre large façade on the Evolution Tower, a 250 metre high skyscraper shaped like a spiral, by January 2014. The company is also cladding the Mercury City Tower Penthouse in Moscow, amongst other things with inclined glass walls, into which two openable elements with a total aperture of 12 m in width and 4.50 m in height are integrated. The installation of a steel façade, commissioned at the beginning of the year within the scope of renovations, for the Mariinski-Theater in Saint Petersburg, one of the most internationally-renowned Opera and ballet houses, is to be completed this autumn.


In New York, Gartner is to clad the Whitney Museum for American Art with in part 20 metre high elements and a second skin façade. For the World Trade Center 3 at Ground Zero in New York, Gartner is to manufacture a 2,100 square metre large, explosion-resistant façade in the base area with glazing which is tensioned through cables. For Novartis in New Jersey, Gartner is currently completing a 17,600 square metre large element façade with glass fins and roof glazing. In London, the façade installation for the Sky Garden on 20 Fenchurch Street has already commenced, with a 980 tonne, complex steel frame and integrated photovoltaic cells.


The largest commission is currently being processed for the new financial district of Riad, the King Abdullah Financial District. The façade area of in total approximately 130,000 square metres includes interior and exterior façade elements and glazed bridge constructions. "The four high-rise façades in the new financial district of Riad are one example of our engineering skill and our strengths, from planning through production right up to installation and maintenance. We plan and produce the façades in Germany and transport them via a complex logistics chain to Riad, where they are installed under our supervision", said Gartner’s Managing Director Klaus Lother. "We are currently working on offers for the main headquarters of internationally leading companies from the IT, electronics and energy sectors. After banks and museums, these work market leaders plan complex large buildings in support of their brand. This opens up an interesting market for Gartner, as one of the internationally leading façade manufacturers, with tailored solutions for complex façades made of steel, aluminium and glass".



More detailed information:

Klaus Lother, Managing Director, Josef Gartner GmbH, Gartnerstr. 20, 89423 Gundelfingen

Tel.: 090 73/84-0, Fax: 090 73/84-21 00


Dr. Jochen Mignat, Dr. Mignat PR, Am Hexenpfad 11, 63450 Hanau

Tel. 06181-507 91-0, Fax 06181-507 91-11, pr@mignat.de


Press photos: Monika Nicklaser, Tel. 09073-84-2378, monika.nicklaser@josef-gartner.de


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