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Aim high with Gartner

We believe that people are the most important drivers of a meaningful change. That’s why we gather the best talents in the market and constantly nurture their passion, knowledge and capabilities. Through their expertise, commitment and courage, we reshape urban environments, contributing to communities’ wellbeing, and enhancing their sense of belonging, creating timeless icons that drive social value and change, bringing eternal beauty to the world.

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Design & Engineering

From early consulting, planning assistance, technical research as well as development, our design and engineering experts work hand in hand with our clients and business partners. They try to make the impossible possible by day after day pushing the boundaries of what is technically possible. Experts from a wide range of fields, from statics to building physics, from materials science to research and development, enrich the design teams with their know-how. This is how the beginning of everything comes at the end: technically sophisticated façade solutions optimised down to the smallest detail translated into construction drawings, 3D models and workshop plans.

Project Management

Our project management specialists monitor and control the entire value chain from design and engineering to prototyping, materials science, aluminium and steel production, logistics, installation, service and maintenance. They are the interface to the customer, this is where all the threads come together. The range of tasks is as varied as our projects - no two are alike. That’s why our colleagues here enjoy putting themselves into new situations and projects with new partners. Every day they prove anew that a good team does not add up the potentials of individuals but multiplies them.

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Production & Installation

The Gundelfingen site has its own steel and aluminum production facilities. This is where attention to detail, precision and outstanding craftsmanship come together. Complex geometries and the most individual façade units can be manufactured with the highest quality through the interaction of modern production lines and the skills of our employees. During assembly, our entire competence is revealed step by step: sophisticated mounting plans, custom-made façade units, reliable logistics. In the end, the façade gives a building its unique face and thus shapes its surroundings, and sometimes the skyline of an entire metropolis.


Project Logistics Manager

Haci, Project Logistics Manager
As a PLM I'm the one who's in charge of all internal processes. Not only do I monitor the progress of the project, I am also an internal project manager ensuring that the process chain from design, purchasing, production, shipping and installation runs smoothly. The most important thing in my job is that I keep calm even in hectic project phases, plan ahead and always look for solutions to ensure the best possible project flow.
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