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Reels, documentaries, up-close looks from construction site and clips about Gartner.

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Group Overview: Corporate Film

Enter the world of Permasteelisa Group through our Corporate Film. Embark on a fascinating journey and enjoy watching this deep overview of the Permasteelisa Group world.

Company Profile

Our specialists work collaboratively to tackle new challenges in facade construction, always pushing the boundaries, finding ways to turn architect's dreams into reality.

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Training at Josef Gartner

Meet our apprentices and learn more about their training as construction mechanics, technical system planners, industrial clerks and 'dual education students'.

150 Years Josef Gartner

In 1868 Josef Gartner founds a small blacksmith shop in the Gundelfingen town square: the foundation stone of a successful company to this very day.

150 Jahre Josef Gartner

1868 als Schlosserei gegründet - heute Technologieführer im Fassadenbau. 150 Jahre Josef Gartner - Eine Erfolgsgeschichte aus Gundelfingen für die Metropolen der Welt.

Project Videos
UBER Headquarters

A new corporate headquarters for the mobility company UBER is taking shape. The building is as innovative with a unique feature transparent, motorized 'breathing' façades. 

Watch the video to learn about more features!

Lakhta Center

In January 2018, Gartner manufactured a 12 m high stainless steel spire for Europe's tallest high-rise, the Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg. This video gives a rare insight into our activities and the final work steps.

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