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Pioneers in façade engineering
150 Years of tradition, quality and innovation

The history of one of the world’s longest established façade engineers is marked by a
culture of continuous improvement and a track record of historical milestone projects.

Josef Gartner sets up a steel workshop in Gundelfingen an der Donau, Germany.
Gartner develops a strong local reputation due to his filigree artisanal work. The construction of a bridge across the river Brenz represents the first large scale project and brings accolades from the industry.
The first international project: production of numerous parts for a fleet of new streetcars in Santiago, Chile.
Josef Gartner II takes over the steel workshop and starts training apprentices.
Gartner has now a wide range of products and manufactures not only heating and water installation systems but also gates and doors. Gartner realizes a number of construction projects for architects of a new building style, the so-called ‘Postbauschule’ and starts to use aluminum.
As the business grows, the original workshops in Gundelfingen Centre are outgrown, and we move into a new factory - which is still standing today.
After the end of the war, the construction of industrial buildings become an additional line of business.
The first large-scale curtain wall project: Headquarters of Kaufhof AG, Cologne, Germany.
Gartner develops and patents the first integrated façade for Gartner Pavillion and completes the first project in London, United Kingdom: Commercial Union Building.
First project in Asia: façade renovation of the Connaught Center in Hong Kong.
155 m-high twin towers of the Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, Germany were clad by Gartner with an aluminum curtain wall with a size of approximately 40,000 sqm.
Lloyd’s of London - The revolutionary and yet functional industrial design of the Lloyd’s building revolutionizes London’s cityscape and still does so today.
Bank of China Tower features a curtain wall made up of aluminum and reflecting glass. The tower changed Hong Kong's skyline.
The Commerzbank skyscraper in Frankfurt is clad with a Double Skin Façade.
The 420 m tall Jin Mao Tower is completed - China’s tallest building at the time - and garners many awards.
Gartner becomes a member of the Permasteelisa Group, the worldwide leading contractor in the engineering, project management, manufacturing and installation of architectural envelopes and interior systems.
The Closed Cavity Façade, a further development of the Double Skin Façade, is installed at Roche Diagnostics in Rotkreuz, Switzerland for the first time and sets a new standard in sustainable building industry.
Elbphilharmonie - the new beacon for the Hamburg docks - features curved, coated and printed glazing for a sparkling crystal, pushing the boundaries of façade technology.
Today, Gartner is a technology leader offering customized solutions for architectural challenges and pushing the boundaries of what is technically feasible. Our innovative façades made of steel, aluminum and glass shape the skylines of major cities worldwide.
150 Years Josef Gartner

In 1868 Josef Gartner founds a small blacksmith shop in the Gundelfingen town square: the foundation stone for a successful company to this very day.