Gartner Pavillion
Ph.: © Stephan Liebl
Jürgen Wax
Executive General Manager
Executive General Manager Jürgen Wax joined Gartner 2014 as COO and became CEO in 2016. He holds a degree in Civil Engineering (Dipl.-Ing.) from the Technical University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim, Germany and looks back on more than 20 years of experience in façade industry.
Management Team

From left to right: David Seeland (Director Design & Engineering), Steffen Häuser (Head of Quality Health Safety & Environment), Katharina Hausmann (Head of Tendering), Frank Küsters (Head of Sales), Jürgen Wax (Executive General Manager), Peter Langenmayr (Director Technical Sales North America), Dr. Michael Felcini (Chief Financial Officer), Bernhard Kölzer (Head of Site Installation/Maintenance), Stefan Zimmermann (Director Project Office), Sylvia Gnüchtel (Head of Human Resources), Tobias Hein (Head of Manufacturing).

Ph.: © Stephan Liebl
Dr. Fritz Gartner
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Dr. Gartner studied mechanical engineering at the University of Munich where he also did his doctorate.

He is a great-grandson of the company founder and was the managing partner of the family-owned business from 1973 to 1998.