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Ph.: René Dürr, Architekturfotografie
Gartner Calendar 2020
Since 1952 Gartner is publishing an annual calendar featuring recently finished or ongoing façade projects. In its 70th edition, the calendar 2020 takes you on a journey around the world.
Ph.: Josef Gartner GmbH
20.000 Euro donated to charitable institutions
On January 20, Josef Gartner GmbH handed a total of 20,000 euros in donations to charitable institutions.
Permasteelisa Group launches New Website and Brand Areas
Featuring a unique graphic identity and a cutting-edge user experience, rebuilt from top to bottom and enriched with emotional elements, the new concept redefines the digital presence of the Group and of its three brands.
The Glass Supper 2019. The Façade 2019 Award goes to Bloomberg
Permasteelisa Group was honored to participate to The Glass Supper 2019, the foremost glass industry event that each year brings together the world’s leading decision makers of the glass, façade, architecture, engineering and construction industries.
1,500 square metres of flowering meadows for more biodiversity
30 employees of Josef Gartner GmbH have been spending their spare time in the best of weather on around 1,500 square meters of flower meadow on the company premises in Gundelfingen.
Gartner supports research project
Gartner started a joint research project with BTU Cottbus and TU Berlin. Dr. Michael Engelmann, Manager Technical Solutions, accompanies the research work of Prof. Achim Bleicher, Chair Hybrid Constructions at the BTU and Dr. Thomas Schauer, Department of Control Systems at the TU, on the subject of 'Energy generation on double façades'.
The 2018 RIBA Stirling Prize goes to Bloomberg
The Bloomberg’s European headquarters, by Foster + Partners, was named the UK’s best new building, winning the 2018 RIBA Stirling Prize among the six shortlisted buildings.