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Our experts are there for you - from start to finish
From early consulting, planning assistance, technical research as well as development, our clients and business partners can rely on our expertise in design and engineering. Our specialists deliver elaborate project management oversight of the whole value chain from design and engineering to performance testing, material selection, aluminum and steel production, logistics, installation and after sales service.

Our specialists work collaboratively to tackle new challenges in façade construction, always pushing the boundaries, finding ways to turn architects’ dreams into reality.

From craftsmanship to engineering excellence

Josef Gartner started the company in 1868 as a blacksmith. Always looking for new opportunities, he soon grew the business taking on challenging projects of increasing size and complexity. What set him apart was his ability to listen to the clients and find solutions to fully meet their needs combined with excellent craftsmanship. This ability was key for growing the business over generations and becoming technological leader in façade engineering and one of the longest running façade manufacturer worldwide. Today, as always, our modus operandi is ‘anything is possible’. Over the years Gartner constantly advanced façade technology, always pushing the boundaries, finding ways to turn architects’ dreams into reality. Novum integrated facade (1968), double skin façade, and the further development of the Closed Cavity Façade - becoming the highest standard in energy efficient construction. Other examples of Gartner innovation include extra large glass panels, hot and cold bent glass, and glass-fiber reinforced polymers for free-form geometries.


Today, building envelopes are conceived and designed to meet the highest architectural demands, yet at the same time to be energy efficient. End users expect highest comfort levels and optimum internal environments, while building owners strive for low operating and maintenance costs. Together with our clients we collaboratively develop the best solution for their unique requirements. 


# Aluminum Single Skin Façade
# Aluminum Double Skin Façade
# Closed Cavity Façade 
# Steel Façade
# Integrated Steel Façade
# Filigree Steel Façade 
# Steel Roof 

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Gartner also offers the service and maintenance of façades. As manufacturers, we are acquainted with the object-specific uniqueness of our façades and their complexity. We are therefore able to identify any deviations at an early stage and can provide targeted execution of servicing works. Regular maintenance and inspection of façades not only promotes safety and aesthetic aspects but also contributes to the functionality and value preservation of a building.

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Pushing boundaries

For Gartner, no two projects are alike. With every project we start on a blank page and assemble the best team. They contribute with their knowledge on materials and processes, never tired of learning and pushing the boundaries. This combination of strong teams combined with a thirst for new technologies is what sets us apart.

Network of specialists

As member of the Permasteelisa Group, we are the world leader in façade construction and our network of specialists gives us the flexibility to reply to individual project requirements with unique solutions. Our Group is united by uniform standards and processes guaranteeing the best service for our clients and business partners. We combine competence and experience and offer comprehensive technical and logistic expertise with in-house engineering, excellent project management and a pool of experts of around 1,000 engineers and designers.