Gartner Calendar 2024
18 Jan 2024
Ph.: Annett Summers, Deltera

Explore the fascinating world of facade technology in the Gartner Calendar 2024!
We are proud to present contemporary architecture in all its diversity. The Gartner Calendar 2024 is not just a timekeeper but a visual ode to innovation, sustainability, and contemporary design.


Join us on an architectural journey through 15 unique projects. The impressive canopy of "The Well" in Toronto, designed by BDP London and Adamson Associates in Toronto, features a free-form roof mado of 1,869 panes of glass.


The ground floor facade of the "Google" building in London, created by BIG Design Consultant and Heatherwick Studio fascinates with timber mullions. "The Knightsbridge Estate" in London, a work by Fletcher Priest, leaves a timeless elegance with aluminum and steel façades. The "Franklin Tower" in Zurich, designed by ARMON SEMADENI ARCHITEKTEN GMBH, shapes the skyline with a closed cavity façade.


London is being redesigned by the projects "Battersea" by Foster + Partners, "21 Moorfields" by WilkinsonEyre Architects and "20/22 Ropemaker Street" by Make Ltd.


Our research project in the area of "Sustainability & Innovation" deals with the greening of façades: the "Meadow Wall". The project, realized in collaboration with the English company Vertical Meadow at the Gundelfingen site is a green statement for a greener future.


In Frankfurt, "FOUR Frankfurt" by UNStudio impresses with an aluminum bespoke façade made of unitized panels and stick-system elements. Another research project, the collaborative project "Movable façade elements" with the Brandenburg University of Technology and the Technical University of Berlin, shows a movable outer skin of a double-skin unit, which is meant to act as a vibration damper.


Finally, "EDGE East Side" in Berlin presents a fully unified double-skin aluminum curtain wall. Immerse yourself in the world of façade technology in the Gartner Calendar 2024 – a synthesis of precision, innovation, and architecture.


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