1,500 square metres of flowering meadows for more biodiversity
28 May 2019
Ph.: Josef Gartner GmbH

30 employees of Josef Gartner GmbH have been spending their spare time in the best of weather on around 1,500 square meters of flower meadow on the company premises in Gundelfingen.


For Gartner, sustainable corporate management also means using resources responsibly. Since 2013, the facade specialist has introduced a comprehensive environmental management system and has been successfully certified according to the international standard DIN EN 14001. The company thus makes an active contribution to climate and environmental protection.


'However, environmental protection does not only refer to our internal processes, but we want to make an active contribution to biodiversity on our company premises through insect-friendly flowering areas,' says Managing Director Jürgen Wax, who immediately supported the suggestion that came from the workforce. 'Our beautiful company premises will be even more beautiful!'


The latest successful referendum 'Save the bees' in January of this year has brought the importance of flowering meadows with native plants into the consciousness of the population. With Manfred Herian, district expert consultant for horticulture in the district office Dillingen, the enterprise got itself competent support with the preparation of the employee campaign.


Finally, on 24 May, 30 employees met with Jürgen Wax in their spare time, as did Supervisory Board Chairman Dr Fritz Gartner and his wife. Manfred Herian introduced them to the subsequent planting campaign with photos and his plea for flowering areas with native plants to protect biodiversity.


Then everyone worked together, the coarsely ploughed lawn directly opposite the gate was levelled, the seeds of native flowering plants were sown and then rolled on well.


'The seed mixture contained a mixture of 'flower blend honey & butterfly' and 'Veitshöchheimer bee meadow'. Depending on the weather, the first flowers will be seen this year, and next year at the latest the area will turn into a paradise for insects,' says Manfred Herian. The maintenance of the area is by the way very simple: once or twice a year the meadow is mown and the mowed material is completely cleared to create ideal conditions for the renewable perennial plant mix.  


Photo: 30 employees planted around 1,500 square metres of flowering area, including Managing Director Jürgen Wax (6th from left) and Manfred Herian from the District Office Dillingen (7th from left).

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