Gartner supports research project
10 May 2019
Ph.: © Stephan Liebl

In May 2019 Gartner started a joint research project with BTU Cottbus and TU Berlin. Dr. Michael Engelmann, Manager Technical Solutions, accompanies the research work of Prof. Achim Bleicher, Chair Hybrid Constructions at the BTU and Dr. Thomas Schauer, Department of Control Systems at the TU, on the subject of 'Energy generation on double façades'.

Especially in high-rise buildings, the wind loads on the façade are enormous and lead to building vibrations. On the one hand this can be unpleasant for the users, on the other hand in extreme cases it can also lead to serious damage on the building. In order to absorb the vibrations, so-called dampers are usually used, as is the case with Taipei 101, for example. However, this function could also be provided by the impact panes of double façades using active construction elements that function with artificial muscles.


Within the framework of the research project, new constructive ideas and innovative calculation methods are to be developed. The advantages of such a solution include more rentable space with the same space consumption and more efficient use of materials.
Gartner is supporting the two-year project in the design and construction of a demonstrator for conducting experiments and measurements. 'In addition to an interesting exchange of knowledge with the universities and contact with interested students, I naturally expect to gain insights and initial experience for new construction elements for our future façades,' says Dr. Michael Engelmann.

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