Gartner Calendar 2020
29 Jan 2020
Ph.: René Dürr, Architekturfotografie

Since 1952 Gartner is publishing an annual calendar featuring recently finished or ongoing façade projects. In its 70th edition, the calendar 2020 takes you on a journey around the world.


Discover the variety of projects we were working on during the last year. Amongst them, 22 Bishopsgate the tallest skyscraper in the City of London, clad with 67,000 sqm of closed cavity façade. The 23-sided, faceted glass body is shaped to respect the townscape views and makes a strong backdrop to the surrounding towers. Or Shanghai Foxconn Headquarters, its outer skin drawing a very distinct pattern as transoms and panels are inclined to create a zig-zag shaped façade. Uber's new Global Headquarters, for example, features elaborate ventilation concepts, that allow for natural ventilation via automatically opening façade units in the outer skin, as well as roof windows, thus reducing the dependence on air conditioning systems.  


We have worked with the world's best and visionary architects and passionate project partners to continuously advance façade technology.  


Are you curious about what makes each project unique for us? Browse through the pages of our digital flipbook in the Gartner Calendar section.

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