Gartner Calendar 2021
02 Feb 2021
Ph.: Jason O'Rear Photography

2020 has been a particularly eventful and challenging year. As a result of the corona-virus pandemic, the entire world was confronted with unprecedented challenges, uncertainties and restrictions in private and professional life that it has not seen before. Nonetheless, this past year has seen an acceleration in some of the developments that have already become apparent in recent times.


Various in-house initiatives for organisational development, some of which had been launched years ago, have proven to be a valuable exercise for the new normality: today more than ever, we consider modern forms of work such as "new work", digitalisation, agility, knowledge management and innovative ability to be success factors for a sustainable company. Constant refinement and innovation are important factors not only in terms of the technical aspects of our products and façades, but also and even more so in terms of the way we work, communicate and interact with each other.


With pride, we look back on the accomplished projects of the past year, which we are presenting in detail in this calendar. At the same time, the success of the past is also our aspiration for the future – we want to design the buildings of the next generation together with our clients and make the dreams of architects come true by creating outstanding façade  solutions. Projects developed by internationally renowned architects, often characterised by a high degree of complexity, are challenging our know-how originating from more than 150 years of façade technology. But most importantly, they keep driving our passion for unique façades that redefine the limits of what is technically possible.


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