Gartner Calendar 2022
10 Jan 2022
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More than 100 years ago, Henry Ford made the following statement: "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got." As a mission and with great passion, our façade experts venture into new technical territory again and again, developing innovative solutions, together with our project partners, for any demanding tasks architects and clients are targeting us with. Together we create the façades of the future.


Sometimes, however, it is also due to external circumstances that a change becomes necessary. After almost two years of coronavirus pandemic, we experience that many things we previously considered impossible have changed our way of working permanently. It soon became apparent that a cooperative and trusting partnership with architects, consultants and clients can often also be possible from a distance with the support of digital tools – remote mock-up or construction site inspections by video have become an integral part of our project management.


At the same time, we continue to live up to our credo: Anything is possible. Once again, in this year's calendar, we are very pleased to present outstanding building projects that we have recently worked on: for instance, the GES-2 museum building in Moscow designed by Renzo Piano, the Harvard Science and Engineering Complex with hydro-formed sunshading panels, or the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston featuring a cool jacket façade made of curved glass tubes up to six meters long.


We proudly look back on the achievements we have made together with you, our project partners, customers and clients, and we look forward to what lies ahead. May it be the large-scale projects such as the Sber Technopark in Moscow, the Elbtower in Hamburg or the multitude of other schemes that require all our passion and know-how in order to develop the façades of the future, made of aluminum, steel and glass.


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