Gartner Calendar 2023
09 Jan 2023
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The year 2022 has challenged us in an extraordinary way. We have experienced pandemics, political conflicts and power shifts, as well as climate change, which is leading to increasingly dramatic effects and unpredictable natural disasters. All of these are merely some of the issues that are creating great upheavals in the geopolitical environment. We are living in an era of instability. However, these changes are pushing us to make great strides in many areas and to find new solutions. In this regard, flexibility and resilience count among the most important qualities of our time. Here, for instance, we are breaking new ground to satisfy the increasing sustainability requirements: For some time now, we have been calculating our façades’ carbon footprint as an additional specification criterion for every new project. Thanks to our clever design planning, we additionally try to enable CO2-saving construction and to contribute to climate neutrality, also by investing in energy saving at our offices and factories. With the development and production of the world's largest timber-glass façade, we are also entering new territory and adapting to changes regarding the use of materials.


Despite the current multiple challenges in the markets, we are working with good utilization on exciting projects in the UK, North America, Switzerland, and, not least, in Germany.


The coronavirus pandemic has made us rethink our working methods and cooperation. We are now turning towards topics such as digitalization, sustainability, new work, and work-life balance more than ever before. As a first result, we have successfully introduced agile working methods.


Our networking within the Group is based on good cooperation with our sister companies. This also helps us to ensure that many good steps were taken to create the conditions for further growth into a stable and sustainably successful group. The 73rd edition of the Gartner calendar is also dedicated to our more than 20 years of affiliation with the Permasteelisa Group, which is going to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2023.


We look back on the project successes of the past year with a feeling of pride, and we will be presenting and sharing these with you in detail in this calendar. Because, despite our more than 150 years of experience, every building is unique and results in a truly exciting journey for us, just as every project contributes its part to our company history.

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