Permasteelisa Group celebrates its 50th anniversary
18 Jan 2023

Vittorio Veneto, 18 January 2023 - The Permasteelisa Group, the leading global contractor in the design, engineering, manufacture, installation and after-sales services of architectural envelopes, reaches this extraordinary milestone through a history featuring iconic projects that have contributed to changing the face of some of the world's most modern and advanced cities, thanks to an unwavering passion for innovation, technology, and quality.


They have been 50 years built on the commitment and the capability to provide cutting-edge solutions for the world's most iconic architectural and engineering projects, which are the product of a continuous focus on research, sustainability, and efficiency. Above all, they have been 50 years built on envisioning the future and laying the foundations for a better and enjoyable life in the cities.


The anniversary will be celebrated with a logo that will mark the Group's communication during the whole 2023. A broken line unfolds upwards to represent a building under construction, whilst knowledge and ideas keep evolving. The payoff BUILDING VISION bolsters this message and defines the company's commitment for the upcoming years: not only to continue to be protagonist in the engineering industry, but also to be advocate of a vision and a culture that aims to create a harmonious virtuous circle among people, buildings, and environment.


The origin of the success dates back to 1973, to the founding of I.S.A., an aluminum window company based a few kilometers far from Vittorio Veneto (Treviso, Italy), the city that hosts the Group's headquarters today. In a short time, the core of the activities becomes the Curtain Wall, a continuous surface made of bespoke pre-assembled modules which provide both aesthetics and performances to the contemporary buildings. With a skillful expansion strategy that begins with the acquisition of Permasteel, the Australian company that clad the Sydney Opera House - from which the definitive name of Permasteelisa springs - the Group begins the growth that will lead to the current global leadership in the industry. The significant in-between milestones record further pivotal acquisitions, such as the Dutch Scheldebouw B.V. and the German group Gartner, as well as numerous development steps in terms of production capacity, turnover and presence in the world.


Among Group's achievements, there are some of the most prestigious contemporary architectural works in the world, such as the International Commerce Centre (the tallest building in Hong Kong), the Eight Spruce in lower Manhattan (also known as Beekman Tower), The Shard and 20 Fenchurch Street in London, the revolutionary Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the extraordinary Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and the MoMA in New York.


Recently, the high-profile list was enriched by a few other iconic buildings around the world, such as the Unicredit Tower and Gioia 22 in Milan, 22 Bishopsgate in London, One Vanderbilt in New York, the UBER Headquarters in San Francisco and 200 George Street in Sydney. Today, Permasteelisa Group is located in 4 continents and 20 countries, with 3 brands and a network of 30 companies, generating a turnover of 1 billion euro a year.


As for now, there are more than 60 projects underway at once that have Permasteelisa Group’s people involved, among which there are the Google offices in London and in the United States, the new Enel headquarters in Rome, the FOUR Frankfurt towers in Frankfurt, the Elbtower in Hamburg, and the ANTA Headquarters in Shanghai.

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