Google KGX1 Project Cover
Ph.: Courtesy of BIG/Heatherwick Studio

Google KGX1

London | United Kingdom
Business Area
ArchitectBIG-Bjarke Ingels Group
Co-ArchitectHeatherwick Studio
Executive ArchitectBDP
Ph.: Courtesy of BIG/Heatherwick Studio
The Concept

KGX1 will be Google's UK headquarters. It is designed by BIG and Heatherwick Studio and is located in King’s Cross, at the heart of one of the most exciting and recently redeveloped neighborhoods in north London. The project reflects Google’s unique approach to the creation of a large headquarters building in an urban environment. The so-called 'landscraper' is 330 m (1,082 ft) long and up to eleven stories high, with approximately 80,000 sqm (861,100 sq ft) of office space. The main contractor is Lendlease. Upon its completion, Google's King's Cross campus will be able to house approximately 7,000 employees, thus strengthening the economy of the so-called Knowledge Quarter, a new world-class centre for research under development in this area. KGX1 will have the world’s biggest timber and glass façade. Engineered and produced in Germany and the UK, with a total surface of approx. 23,300 sqm (250,800 sq ft).

The Project
Scope of Work

The complex building which also accommodates numerous terraces and gardens requires sophisticated façade constructions such as timber mullions spanning across three floors.
For the 50 m (164 ft) high and 330 m (1,082 ft) long development, Gartner will produce a façade surface of 23,367 sqm (251,520 sq ft). The façades of the west and east sides consist of approx. 950 cross-laminated timber mullions (up 10 m/33 ft high) with more than 90 different cross-sections and two stacked, heat-strengthened triple glazed units each. The garden terraces will feature steel stick-system façades and glass balustrades. The spandrel areas are composed of approx. 280 precast concrete units that vary in shape. The steel spandrels beneath serve as structural support and for building water tightness. Inside, 1,675 sunscreens will be produced, partly with bottom-up systems.
On the south side of the building, heat-strengthened triple glazed units and external, motorized glulam fins will be installed. The north side will be clad with a unitized façade with a timber board and a variety of glass balustrades. The 3,367 sqm (36,242 sq ft) ground floor façade is composed of a standardized façade system and GRC cladding (glass-reinforced concrete).

Technical Details

OWNER: King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership

CLIENT: Google UK Limited

ARCHITECT: BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group

CO-ARCHITECT: Heatherwick Studio



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