Novartis Campus Project Cover
Ph.: © Thomas Mayer

Novartis Campus

Basel | Switzerland
Business Area
Permasteelisa, Gartner
ArchitectGehry Partners, LLP
Ph.: © Thomas Mayer
The Concept

The redevelopment of this important building along Hüninger Straße towards the banks of the Rhine is a real eye-catcher, part of the masterplan that will transform the St. Johann site from an industrial complex to a campus of innovation, knowledge and encounter. Due to its geometric shape and openness inside, this building reflects the concept of 'free thinking'. A supporting steel framework has been erected above the concrete slabs. The building consists of six different curtain wall systems in total. The ground floor façade, 1,000 sqm (10,800 sq ft), consists of a stick construction in steel, made of welded, sharp-edged T-profiles with external gaskets and pressure beads. The steel façades, 1,300 sqm (14,000 sq ft), complete the vertical walls between the individual components that are fixed to the primary steel construction and consist of prefabricated units with gaskets and screw fitted pressure beads. The roof areas, 1,500 sqm (16,100 sq ft), have been developed as rhomb and triangular shaped 'scaled' aluminum panel façades. The glass has been developed with integrated photovoltaic modules. Due to the curved roof areas, installation have been carried out with three-dimensionally adjustable fixings. The side areas, 3,500 sqm (37,700 sq ft), have been developed as stepped, rhombic and triangular shaped aluminium units. The glass units have been executed with a congruent bicoloured screen printing. For natural ventilation electrically operated triangular windows were installed. The building has a 1,000 sqm (10,800 sq ft), strongly curved, glazed soffit.

The Project
Scope of Work

Stick construction in steel, steel façades, roof areas and side areas developed as stepped, rhombic and triangular- shaped aluminum units.

Technical Details

OWNER: Novartis Pharma AG

ARCHITECT: Gehry Partners, LLP

FAÇADE CONSULTANT: Emmer Pfenninger Partner AG, Ingenieur-Zentrum für Bauphysik, Metallbau-, Fenster-, Fassadentechnik

SITE MANAGEMENT: Arcoplan Nissen & Partner, Planergemeinschaft

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