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21 Moorfields

London | United Kingdom
Business Area
ARCHITECTWilkinson Eyre Architects
The Concept

21 Moorfields is located in the northern part of the City of London, right above Moorgate underground station and the new Moorgate Crossrail underground station. The project is arranged as two buildings - the 80 m (262 ft) high East Building and the smaller, 3-story high West Building - connected at podium level and arranged around a green public square.

Both blocks of 21 Moorfields are predominantly clad with unitized façades, story-high, with a total of 30 main façade types (with more than 50 façade sub-types) including closed cavity façade (CCF), steel-glass façades, unitized sheet metal façades, skylights, interior façades, balustrades, concrete façades (Precast), soffit sheets (partly with glass fiber reinforced concrete panels - GRC) and approx. 80 doors of various designs. The standard façade unit sizes are 1.5 m x approx. 4 m and 3 m x approx. 4 m, while the biggest panels are approx. 3 m x 8 m. The closed cavity façade (CCF) units measure 3 m x 4 m to 5 m. On the ground floor, a façade supported by glass blades will feature glass panes and glass blades up to 11 m high.
The building is scheduled to be completed by 2022 and will meet the BREEAM sustainability standard.

The Project
Scope of Work

Design & engineering, manufacture and installation of 31,800 sqm (342,300 sq ft) of façade, including 6,153 sqm (66,230 sq ft) fritted curtain wall, 5,383 sqm (57,900 sq ft) plan screen curtain wall, 3,373 sqm (36,300 sq ft) unitized metal façade, 4,600 sqm (49,500 sq ft) atrium façade, 2,360 sqm (25,400 sq ft) unitized glass upper façade.

Technical Details

OWNER: LS 21 Moorfields Development Management

ARCHITECT: Wilkinson Eyre Architects

CLIENT: Sir Robert McAlpine Limited

FAÇADE CONSULTANT: FMDC Ltd Façades & Materials Design Consultants

Ph.: Josef Gartner GmbH
Ph.: Josef Gartner GmbH
Ph.: Josef Gartner GmbH
The Making Of

For 21 Moorfields, air permeability, wind resistance and water tightness under static and dynamic pressure were tested in extensive trials on four of the 30 types of façade.

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