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FOUR Frankfurt

Frankfurt | Germany
Business Area
Permasteelisa, Gartner
ARCHITECTUNStudio and HPP Architects, a Joint Venture
Ph.: © Groß & Partner
The Concept

The four high-rise buildings, up to 233 m high, including two office towers and two residential towers, were designed by UNStudio with Ben van Berkel. Their façades are characterised by building-high frame elements vertically and slightly diagonally. Stepped façade arrangements create visually inclined areas, the so-called kink façades. With increasing height, the distance between the towers is thus increased, allowing more daylight to enter the rooms and creating unique visual relationships. Heritage-listed existing façades are integrated into the podium, which is up to six storeys high. Among other things, a food hall is located there. A publicly accessible roof garden is planned for the podium roof.

The Project
Scope of Work

Design and engineering, manufacturing, and installation of 40,000 sqm (430,500 sq ft) of unitized façade with vertical and slightly diagonal frame elements for the towers T2 and T3 - for a total of approx. 8,000 units - plus a stick-system façade located between towers and podium and the 17,000 sqm (183,000 sq ft) podium special façade - a mix of steel and aluminum - adapted with fiber-reinforced concrete panels up to a planted green façade.

Technical Details

ARCHITECT: UNStudio and HPP Architects, a Joint Venture


OWNER: Groß & Partner

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