One Leadenhall project
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One Leadenhall

London | United Kingdom
Business Area
EXECUTIVE ARCHITECTAdamson Associates Architects
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The Concept

One Leadenhall is a 176-meter-high tower designed by the architectural firm Make. This 35-story building offers 40,000 sqm of office space, a free public terrace, and ground-floor shops in an important corner of the City of London, next to the historic Leadenhall Market.
Its sophisticated aesthetic blends seamlessly with the cityscape, with panoramic views on every floor ensuring that tenants always feel connected to the urban landscape around them.


176 m / 577 ft

35 stories tall

The four-story masonry 'street block' reflects the characteristics of the neighboring buildings of similar size, while the three 'blades' above it respond to the City Cluster to the north and the lower buildings to the south.
The public terrace on the fourth floor will offer a significant new view of the City of London.
The project targets BREEAM Excellent and WELL Platinum.

The Project
Scope of Work

Design and engineering, manufacturing, and installation of a total of around 27,100 sqm (291,700 sq ft) of façade.

Ground Floor and Level 4: 1,500 sqm (16,100 sq ft) of stick system façade with special fabricated welded post and transoms, double glazing is fixed with toggles. The entrance area is double-height. Revolving door, single and double doors are installed at Ground Floor.

Level 1-3: 2,800 sqm (30,150 sq ft) of unitized façade aluminum cladding, with structural silicone glazing (SSG) made of double insulated glass. External vertical and horizontal features of GRC fixed to the unitized cladding.

Level 4-35: 22,800 sqm (245,400 sq ft ) of unitized façade aluminum cladding, with structural silicone glazing (SSG) made of double insulated glass. Basic grid dimension according to glass size: 1.5 x 3.9m. The terrace, balconies, and top units are based on the same system as the main façade. Single doors are installed on the terraces and balconies.
Plant room area unitized façade aluminum cladding with horizontal louvers.

Technical Details

CLIENT: Brookfield Properties

EXECUTIVE ARCHITECT: Adamson Associates Architects



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